Hail of a Storm: Hail Damage Signs on a Roof

With storm season getting underway in Nebraska and Iowa, hailstorms are almost inevitable. Hail, whether it’s as small as a dime or bigger than a baseball, can cause some serious damage to roofs. If nothing is done to replace hail damaged roofs, it could end up causing leaks inside homes later on. We’re going to help you identify some signs of hail-damaged roofs.


Signs of a Hail-Damaged Roof:

Depending on how high one’s roof is, some signs of hail damage are easy to tell by looking up from ground level, but the best way is to carefully, go up on a ladder to get a closer look. The big 3 signs to look for are denting, cracking, and granules. Search for dents in the shingles. If you see or feel a few dimples, this is a sign of deterioration. Any cracks or missing pieces are also signs of hail damage. If you see granules of asphalt on the ground under the gutters or coming out of the downspouts, this is another sign of a damaged roof. Some signs may be tough to spot, so if you don’t have any experience in checking for damage or are unsure about what you see, give us a call. We’ll take a look at it for you.

The Rooforia Crew

Diego Rivera