Can you imagine volleyball sized hail?

Parts of Omaha just recently went through a sizeable hail storm that has sent roofing companies to do estimates on homes and cars to the auto body shop to figure out how much damage occurred. You may think we got it bad, and we did, but not nearly as bad as Vivian South Dakota did on July 23rd, 2010.

It all began as a normal summer day in a tiny town in South Dakota, warm and humid. But things quickly changed as a storm system approached. The wind picked up and the skies darkened and little did they know, the tiny town would be remembered across the world in a big way.

The storm began as any other storm, but that quickly changed as large hail stones quickly started dropping from the sky plummeting to the earth. In the aftermath, most if not all roofs on the homes in town were totaled completely with most homes having several holes in them from the massive hail stones. Not only did the homes suffer extreme damage, so did the cars. Most cars were totaled as well with insurance adjustors never seeing anything like this in their careers.

How big was the hail stones? Measured by a local who lived on a ranch, the hail stone was measured 8 inches in diameter and weighing in at 1 pound and 15 ounces. Before this world record was set, Aurora, Nebraska actually set the record for the worlds largest hail stone measuring at 7 inches in diameter.

We may not have had it that bad, but we had it bad enough. Need your roof inspected by the professionals? Contact us today at 402-281-2891 for a free inspection.

Craig McPeck