How to keep your gutters clean

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Gutters are an essential part of directing water away from your home so that it prevents water from getting into your basement. But with the change of seasons, they can get clogged quite easily and when that happens, they can cause the following headaches:

  • Mold

  • Ice Jamming - This can cause structural damage to your gutters

  • Wall & Ceiling Damage

  • Rotting Fascia Boards

So what can you do yourself if you don’t want to call the professionals? Below is 4 tips we have provided for you:

  1. Gutter Cleaning - Too do this, it is rather simple, really. All you need is a ladder and perhaps a specialized scoop from your local hardware store, but that really is not needed. All you will need to do is climb up that ladder with a good pair of gloves on and just grab anything you can find in the gutter that is perhaps clogging the gutters up. After you have cleared all of the debris, you can grab your hose and wash anything else down the downspout.

  2. Trim your trees - Much of the debris found in your gutters is usually from the trees around your home. If you leave your gutters un attended for a while without a good cleaning, it becomes a great environment for new seeds from the trees to sprout inside your gutters. So how can you prevent this? Either call a tree trimming service or trim the trees solo away from your house the bast way that you can.

  3. Gutter Guard - A great way to prevent the need of gutter cleaning is to invest in a gutter guard. They come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Some cover part of the roof and the gutter allowing the water to run freely down. Other guards are placed directly over the gutters and have holes thoughtfully placed on them to block any debris from falling into the gutters.

  4. Contact Rooforia for a gutter cleaning - If you simply don’t have the time or energy to get up on a roof or perhaps your health does not allow you too as well, don’t worry, the Rooforia crew is ready to clean your gutters for you!

If you are in need of your gutters being cleaned by the professionals, please give us a call at 402.281.2891

Craig McPeck