Does summer heat affect your roof?


As June begins to come to a close and July comes into the picture, summer heat is finally starting to build in. While we all know how the winter can affect your roof in such a negative way, the summer months also has negative effects on your roof as well. Here are a few major problems that can occur with the heat and your roof:

• UV Rays - Otherwise known as ultra violet rays. Your roof all summer long is constantly exposed to UV rays and believe it or not, it is even exposed on cloudy days as well. And it only gets worst as the days grow longer as the summer peaks in in July. UV Rays dry out the oils your roof is made out of. This causes the wood on your roof to become bleached as well as weaken and crack it as well.

• Heat - Your Roof is exposed to the worst of the suns heat during the summer. Roofs that are not shaded by trees can reach a staggering 160 degrees when the actual air temperature could be as low as 90 degrees. This expedites the problems that arise from UV rays and other problems. If your attic is not properly ventilated, heat will build up in it causing the temperature to rise in your home.

• Thermal Shock - With the heating up of the atmosphere during the day and rapid cool down during the overnight periods, this can cause the materials on your roof to expand and contract fairly quickly, which weakens the integrity of the roof over time. This is more true for metal materials which can warp in the heat and lead to gaps appearing in metal elements on your roof.

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Craig McPeck