Can I DIY my own roof?

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Short Answer: Yes

Should you? : No

Why shouldn’t I DIY my own roof?

  1. You don’t save money - The reason why most even consider or attempt the idea of replacing there roof themselves is too save money. True, in the short term it may save them some money, but in the long run it likely wont. As much as you don’t like to admit it, you aren’t a roofing expert and you may not spot all of the problems you have on your roof. Then when sometime major actually happens and your roof needs to be replaced by experts in the future, you may end up spending more because you made the problem worse because of your in-experience. Now we aren’t saying you can’t do it, we just think that it wont save you money in the long run.

  2. Your Warranty may be Voided - Most manufacturers will not guarantee you a warranty if you end up doing it yourself instead of a company that specializes in it. Whys that? Because typically, homeowners unknowingly miss use the materials and end up costing themselves even more so in the end that will likely lead the costly damage.

  3. It is Dangerous - While YouTube may make it look easy, but in the end, the person giving the lesson on the video is very experienced. You have many dangers to think about if you plan on replacing your roof yourself. That includes deep sloping surfaces, the weather conditions, power tools and heights if you are afraid of heights. Or simply someone not holding the ladder for you as you climb up it.

  4. Mistakes - Chances are, if you are looking up a how to video on roofing you likely are not experienced and you will make mistakes when you do it. In some cases, some homeowners think that by shingling over an old roof, everything will be fine afterwards. Wrong! While it may look nice, you are just covering up any problems like you would with a band aid and ignoring it. Chances are too, you will likely miss something and end up costing yourself more money down the road to have the professional fix your mistakes.

  5. It wont look as good - Were not saying that no one can do it themselves, but chances are someone who has done it for years will probably do a better job on it and it will show. The roof is not the first thing people notice when coming to your house, but if it somehow looks off, you better believe they will notice it.

While we believe that you can do anything you put your mind too, the risks just outnumber the benefits when it comes to roofing. Just leave it too the professionals and you will save time, money and your health.

Craig McPeck