2019 Design Trends

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With each new year that passes by so does new design trends as well. And this year is full of gorgeous design trends. Some of them include:

Painted Brick - Gone are the days of the traditional red brick style, more and more homeowners are starting to paint their bricks in various different colors and styles nowadays.

Modern Farm House - Who doesn’t love the modern farmhouse style? Perhaps this style was boosted from the show Fixer Upper? Nevertheless, the modern farmhouse style is really getting popular, especially as we continue to make our way through 2019.

Black Exterior - Who knew that the color black on your home could look so good? This style has been trending upwards for a couple years now and will continue to trend up as we continue to make our way through 2019.

Smart Lights - Often times when we think of smart lights we think of in the interior of the house hold. But now with more technology we can light up the exterior of our homes with solar energy. Your light bill will thank you later.

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Craig McPeck