How to put a roof on a kids playhouse

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Can you believe it? We’re going to show you how you can shingle your own kids playhouse! It is a lot easier then you think believe it or not. Okay, so let’s get started off discussing this project right away.

First, let us mention that you don’t have to have a structure that looks like the photo above. But it is probably the easiest way to go by. We will just go over how you will roof your playhouse for your kids.

What we suggest is that you buy all your roofing products from GAF. They are one of the most professional brands in the roofing industry and they are used by quite a few contractors.

Step 1: Underlayment

The first thing you should do is to cover your plywood roof with a synthetic roofing felt, and in this case, we suggest you use the FeltBuster High Traction roofing felt. This type of materials helps to provide a moisture barrier and it is also a good base layer for the rest of the roof. It is very important that you protect the roof from wind driven rain. The paper makes it easy in itself as it shows you on it where you should nail it. Usually all you will need is one layer and you will be good.

Step 2: Starter Shingle

The next step is laying the starter strip shingles down. This helps add an extra barrier for the edges of the roof. If your roof is peaked, you will not have to do this as there is already a special piece on it called a ridge cap.

Step 3: Shingles

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Now that you have gotten this far, it’s time for the final part of this project. The shingles! The kind of shingles used in this project were Timberline Natural Shadow Shingles. Which is basically just a black color. Indicated on these shingles in a line that runs straight through it which tells you were to nail the shingle at. If your a little new to this kind of project, don’t worry, the package tells you how too stagger the shingles. The only thing you should be worrying about is measuring, putting the shingles in place and nailing them.

And now you are basically done with the gist of the project. It may take you a few hours, but the hard work and effort will look great in the end.

Project Credit too: Love and Renovations

Craig McPeck