Roofing Maintenance 101


Often times we spend all of our time worrying about what the outside of our homes will look like, the curb appeal, the siding, the roofing shingles, the garden. Which are all great. But one thing we take for granted or simply don’t think about is how much our home actually protects us from all the elements. Here are some things and tips to think about when it comes to Roofing Maintenance 101:

Flat Roofs: Make it a priority once a month to check for bubbling, cracks, splits or dents. Flat Roofs should have the gutters checked and cleaned once a month as well to prevent damming.

Pitched Roofs: These roofs can often build up debris in the valleys and steeples. Pay attention especially during the spring and summer when thunderstorms can often cause tree damage.

Leaks: The first time of finding out you have a leak is it coming through the corners of your walls and the ceiling as well. If you happen to find a leak please call Rooforia right away.

Safety First: You never want to walk near the edge of your roof. And obviously if it is too steep and if you have never been on a roof before, the best idea would be not too make it a first time of doing it as well. If you need your roof inspected give us a call at 402.281.2891.

If you follow tips like these it can often times save you money. We hope these tips were very helpful too you.

Craig McPeck