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For Realtors, Insurance Agents, Property Managers, Investors & Designers alike. We can provide you and your clients with roof inspections, roof repairs, and full re-roofing projects. We also offer full exterior design services to help get your clients home looking its best.



  • Free Upgraded Warranty (1 year extra)

  • Appointment Priority
    • You and your clients move to the front of the line with initial inspections within 48hrs.
    • Free preliminary storm damage inspections. We can verify storm damage before making an insurance claim if your client is unsure about damage.
  • Installation Schedule Priority
    • Your clients receive scheduling priority usually within 10 business days and the ability to meet closing deadlines.
    • Dedicated crew for preferred partners projects.
    • Emergency Tarp Service after storms to prevent further interior damage.
    • Impact Resistant Roof upgrade discounts.
  • Pay Upon Closing Agreements Available
  • Exclusive Partner Perks
  • Claims Assistance

At Rooforia Home Exteriors we understand the importance of providing an exceptional  experience for you and your clients based on respect and trust. Our goal is to become your favorite and most relied upon roofing contractor where you can count on an incredible level of customer service every time!

You can also be assured that every roof will be completed with the highest level of quality craftsmanship, the best materials, and at a fair price. Not only will your client be happy, but you will too!

Interested Becoming a Preferred Agent? Start here.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you and your clients . All Insurance and Real Estate Agents must meet the eligibility requirements for experience, education and customer satisfaction to become a preferred agent.

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