What to Expect


It’s the night before the big day. Bright and early tomorrow, you’ll be getting a brand new roof. A dump trailer will be delivered to your property tonight. Materials will be delivered to your property, as well. We highly recommend you move your cars to prevent you from being stuck in your garage. We also recommend moving any furniture, yard art, grills, etc, to prevent them from getting damaged. We always do our best to make sure your property looks the way it was when we arrived (with the exception of the roof, of course). We want to do everything we can to prevent any minor damages to your property. Minor vibrations from construction can cause some items to fall, so make sure to secure household breakables, too. If there are ever any delays due to weather, illnesses, job surprises, etc, we will let you know.

Showtime! Most roof installations last only 1 to 2 days, and we’ll get there bright and early at around 7am. Sorry about the TV signal. We’ll have to detach your satellite to prevent it from any damage, but we promise to reattach it when we’re done. We also recommend you give your next door neighbors a heads up that we’ll be around, too. We love flowers. We do our best to keep your plants safe, but sometimes they do get squished. We apologize in advance, and let us know if it happens. As stated before, we want to make your property look as clean as when we arrived, so we’ll make sure to clean up after our work. We’ll do final inspections and scan your property with a magnet to get all of the nails we may have missed. If you find an unacceptable amount of debris, give us a call and we’ll stop back.

We’re all done with the work! What happens now? There may be leftover materials. We’ll pick those up after we’re completely done. We’ll do one final walk through and will want to briefly meet with you to make sure satisfied with our work. If applicable, we will register your warranty and provide you with details. You will receive a copy of this via email or mail. Now, we’re all done! Enjoy your new roof!

Diego Rivera