Supplier Spotlight: James Hardie


Here at Rooforia, we use a variety of suppliers to make our clients homes look beautiful! This week, you are going to learn a little about one supplier we use often, James Hardie siding!

James Hardie, founded in Australia and headquartered in Ireland, has been around and trusted for ages. As of 2019, it has been used on more then 8 million homes across North America. And since 2013, HardiePlank® has been backed by the prestigious Good House Keeping website. And this isn’t an easy thing to come by. Good House Keeping has been a symbol for reliability for decades and is highly sought after.

James Hardie is known for its technologies , materials and processes for the production of business materials. For the past 20 years it has also operated a facility devoted soley to fibre-cement technology. This was a key playing in fighting asbetos in Australia as well.

James Hardie has quite a variety of different materials anywhere from lap siding to shingle siding to vertical siding to boards to panels. These all comes in a variety of different colors as well. Not only do they offer excellent quality siding, they offer weather barriers and cement boards as well.

If some of these products piques your interest, please visit their website today:

If you are interested in using some of these products on your home, contact us today at 402-281-2891 for a free estimate!

Craig McPeck