Pop Quiz: Roof color personality test

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Are you in need of a new roof and love online personality quizes? Or are you just bored and want to kill time. Anyways, we have found a really cool personality quiz you can take on the Owens Corning website. What does a personality quiz and roofing have to do with each other anyways. Well believe it or not, after taking the quiz not only will it give you a detailed description of your colors and what they mean, they will also tell you what color of roofing shingles best suites you as well. I’m not going to go over ever single aspect of the quiz, but I will dive into a few of the question that you will partake in.

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One of the first question you will go over is what you would do if you received a big bonus check from work and you had two weeks off as well. I chose mountain climbing!

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On question 3, it then asks us about trends. Are we a trend setter? Will we buy the latest iPhone or that fancy car you see your neighbor driving or perhaps the latest and greatest pair of shoes? Or are you someone who just goes their own way and you have your own personal style. Whatever that result might be, they have an answer for you.

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And one of the last questions you will get is what you do with your time when you are bored. Are you someone who will whistle? Or perhaps will you doodle or just annoyingly tap your fingers. We all know those type of people. Of course, since im a graphic designer, I chose the answer “Doodle”.

Now the final results!

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So apparently I got the colors Orange and Grey. Grey meaning wanting a more safe feeling and the Orange color is more of an intense feeling like being intense and passionate. It also suggested the “Sedona Canyon” color scheme for roofing shingles. Are you feeling extra bored today or really want to find out what color you are and what it means? Take the quiz today by clicking here.

Craig McPeck