Famous Homes in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to many former politicians and movie stars and other noteworthy public figures and some of there homes are still available to view to this day! Let’s go through a run down of some of our favorite famous homes located here in Nebraska:

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Carson House - Brownville, Nebraska

The Carson House was built by the former founder of Brownville, Richard Brown. Later down the road, ownership of the house changed too the former banker John L. Carson but now the Brownville Historic Society maintains control of the house.

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Scouts Rest Ranch - North Platte, Nebraska
This was the former home of Buffalo Bill Cody which is located on Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park in North Platte, Nebraska. It has been well maintained over the last several years and even contains several photos and items that belonged to Cody and his family over the years. You can also go on a tour of the barn and several outpost buildings in the park as well.

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Thomas P. Kennard House - Lincoln, NE

This historical home was owned by the first Secretary of State of Nebrasksa! This home built in 1869 is known as the Nebraska Statehood Memorial. This home is open for tours year round. You will also learn the process and procedures that were used to build the new state capital.

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Willa Cather House - Red Cloud, NE

Home of the famous author, Willa Cather, she wrote many books based on the frontier life theme such as My Antonia and O’ Pioneers! She spent her formative years in this home in Red Cloud, Nebraska. This home is just one of eight buildings that make up the Willa Cather State Historical site.

Craig McPeck