What to do if you've got a roof leak and how leaks aren't always coming from the roof.

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The last thing a homeowner wants to find is a leak on his / her roof seeping into one of their rooms inside their home. If you find water dripping from a bulge or if you see discoloration in your ceiling, its likely that it is a leak and water is on the other side of that bulge or discoloration. The first thing you should do is find something to collect the water that is dripping from your ceiling such as a trash can, bucket or some other kind of container.

The next thing you want to do is find a screwdriver and find where it is dripping and puncture a hole in the leaking spot so that the water may finally drain through freely. You may be thinking to yourself, why puncture a hole in the ceiling? Wouldn’t that make it worse. No, it will relieve the pressure and drain all the water out properly before it destroys the rest of your ceiling with it collapsing completely.

After you have done these steps and if you are confident you know where the main leak is coming from, we suggest that you cover the exterior surface with a large tarp. If you cant reach or if you feel unsafe doing it, please contact Rooforia as soon as possible and we would be happy to help you!

Dangers of Waiting

We want to remind everyone the dangers of waiting to fix a roof leak. Never do leaky roofs fix themselves or get better on there own. A lot of times we hear from homeowners that they have noticed a small stain on the ceiling and thought it was too small to be a big deal, but over time it has proven to get worse and homeowners eventually regret not having it looked at earlier.

What should you look for:

  1. Dark Spots

  2. Spots where light shines through

  3. Sagging Ceiling

What should you look for outside:

  1. Buckling or missing shingles

  2. Clogged gutters

  3. Lose materials around vents and chimneys

Where else can leaks come through?

  1. Siding - If ugly stains start showing up on your walls inside your home you likely have a leak that is coming through your siding. Warped paint and wall paper are usually a good sign that this is happening as well.

  2. Skylights - Skylines will often leak because the flashing is damaged or improperly installed. Other times those leaks are the result of other problems as well. Sometimes water can get through the roofing upslope of a skylight and then leak through the framing. The best thing to do would be too call Rooforia to check on the roofing around the skylight to alleviate any future problems.

  3. Gutters - Yes, water can leak through your gutters. How? If they drip behind the gutters, then you will have a problem with water running down the side of your house and siding. This will in turn start to leak through the wall eventually causing spots to form inside your homes room.

    Whatever the case, if you are experiencing leaks of any kind in your home, your best bet is too give Rooforia Home Exteriors a call at 402.281.2891!

Craig McPeck