Famous Nebraska Homes: Arbor Lodge & Julius Sterling Morton

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In this edition of Famous Nebraska Homes we will be discussing the famous home in Nebraska City formally owned and built by Julius Sterling Morton, otherwise known later as Arbor Lodge!

Here are some fast facts about Julius and this home:

  1. Julius was appointed to the United States Secretary of Agriculture by President Cleveland.

  2. He was the founding father of Arbor Day.

  3. It was his goal to build this home as a look a like to the White House in Washington DC.

  4. After he built the home he was a huge advocate for trees and he planted several rare breeds of tree’s and apple tree’s around his home! That’s how apple tree’s became a big deal in Nebraska City.

  5. After several renovations, this home grew to having 52 rooms.

  6. His home now serves as the headquarters for Arbor Lodge Historical Park.

  7. Former Acting Governor of Nebraska.

  8. His son Joy Morton was the founder of Morton Salt Company.

As you can see, Julius played a huge roll in Nebraska and this country when it comes to agriculture and founding the holiday Arbor Day. His ideas and values live on to this very day.

Craig McPeck