Famous Nebraska Homes: US President Gerald Ford

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In this addition of famous homes in Nebraska, we will be briefly discussing Gerald Fords birth home here in Omaha, Nebraska!

President Ford was born here in Omaha, Nebraska but he was only here a couple weeks when his mother escaped an abusive marriage and left the state with her son.

The original home pictured above burned down in 1971 but a small park and conservation center still exists for the public to view 7 days a week for free. The original home was on 32nd and Woolworth Avenue in south Omaha. The memorial holds some memorabilia and panels listing each US President as well as Omaha Mayors and Nebraska Governors .

Ford actually did visit the park twice. Once while it was under construction in May of 1976 and then he returned a second time in 1980 when he dedicated a rose garden honoring his wife. The funding for the garden and conservation center came from businessman James X. Paxson.

If you are interested in visiting a small slice of history right here in Omaha, Nebraska this site is open 24/7 - 7 Days a Week from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM. It is free and open to the public.

Craig McPeck