What's in a name? How we became Rooforia.

Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves. Rooforia, Rooforia Home Exteriors is the name! We thought what better way to inaugurate the Rooforia Journal than to talk a little bit about how we became us! 

Naming your business is a little like naming your first born. It’s your baby and you know it has to be just right. Sometimes you even have to wait until they’re born just to make sure the name fits their face and personality. That’s how we felt; we’d know it when we hear it. Lots of names crossed our minds; Last Name Roofing? nah. A&Z Roofing? nope. Rooftopia? getting warmer. Rooforia! That’s it. But, because we do more than just roofing we threw in our last name: Home Exteriors and made it official! 

As we’re sure you realized by now, Rooforia became a combination of the words roof and euphoria. So we dusted off our old dictionary, ok just kidding, we used google, typed in euphoria just to see what the actual dictionary definition was and right then we knew we were destined to be Rooforia. Here’s what we found:

eu·pho·ri·a a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. 


roof the external upper covering of a house or other building.

That’s exactly the feeling we get about roofing and home exteriors, excited and happy to do work everyday that we love and enjoy! Just like our philosophy says: life can’t be taken too seriously and we think work should be fun! Everyone is happier when you can let loose and be your true self and we want our customers’ home projects to be a pleasure not a pain! 

We truly appreciate you trusting us with your home and want you to know we’ll treat it better than our own and be here for you and your family long after the storm! 

If we haven’t met yet, we’re waiting for your call, text or email. Don’t be shy, get in touch soon!